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My Story

In addition to being a Certified Hypnotherapist, I also have the following background:

I include these more traditional “credentials” to provide some context for my spiritual hypnosis journey.

I began studying hypnosis because I wanted to help people have better relationships and live fuller lives. I found that hypnosis allows you to access your inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. This incredible spiritual guidance helps you heal and move forward much quicker than with traditional talk therapy alone.

Not long after I began studying hypnosis, I lost my dog, Mia, which was beyond devastating (see Puppy Love: Mia and Me). As part of my healing journey I went to a medium who connects with people and pets “on the other side.” My loss gave me the courage to explore the afterlife in a way that was very far out of my comfort zone. (see Is Heaven for Real?)

I found that connecting with the afterlife was the only thing that lessened my grief, so I began training with this medium. On the last day of my training, a classmate directed me toward Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnosis.

I was familiar with Past Life Regression (PLR) hypnosis — which involves going to a past life that has meaning for your present day struggles. In LBL hypnosis people access their journey in between a past life and their current life. They get to discover — what happens in heaven.

I discovered that during Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnosis many people experienced meeting their Spirit Guide, rejoining their soul group, going before their council of elders and attending their own pre-birth life planning session where they chose and charted their current life!

I was hooked. All the light bulbs went on for me. This deeply spiritual hypnotherapy provides a link to the afterlife in times of grief. But, on a deeper level, it provides the very big picture of who we are and why we’re here — and how our current life challenges and joys fit into our overall soul journey.

So, I began my own spiritual hypnotherapy journey.

I’ve since had my own Life Between Lives hypnotherapy sessions. I have become certified in Past Life Regression hypnosis by a trained LBL hypnotherapist. And I’ve been trained as a Life Between Lives® hypnotherapist by the Newton Institute.

I can now offer Past Life Regression hypnosis sessions where you get to meet your Spirit Guide. And I can offer Life Between Lives® sessions where you can meet your soul group, receive higher wisdom from your council and visit your pre-birth life planning sessions. These experiences provide insight into who you are today and how your life challenges and joys fit within your soul’s journey; both provide a glimpse into — what happens in heaven.