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Preparation and Follow-up

Past Life and LBL Hypnosis Session

  • Bring your phone and place it in Airplane mode
  • You’ll likely be lying down for most of the session, so wear comfortable clothes
  • Go to the bathroom beforehand
  • Bring an open mind and heart

Life Between Lives Hypnosis Session

  • Bring a list of 5-10 significant people in your life – with a few word description of each person
  • You can also bring a few questions that you’d like to ask your guides or council 


  • I’ll send you the recording of your  Life Between Lives Hypnosis session(s)*
  • I’ll check back with you after your LBL Hypnosis session

*Note: I will do my best to record your session(s). However, given the unpredictable nature of technology, it is always a good idea to bring your own smartphone or recording device so we have a backup recording if needed.